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Taking the collection outside

In celebration of the MSK’s 225th anniversary, the museum launched a large-scale participatory project for and by the people of Ghent. ‘Taking the collection outside’ was intended to encourage partners in the city’s neighborhoods to engage with the museum collection. We explored neighborhoods in search of not only art aficionados but all kinds of people who may not have been familiar with us or not known how and where to find us.


Activities sparked conversations about works of art, served as the basis for a series of creative workshops, and even inspired a festive parade through the neighborhood. The MSK examined its relationship with the people of Ghent and hoped to make things easier for those who were not used to visiting museums. Outcomes from the project were presented in the museum galleries as illustrations of the ongoing interaction between the city, its museum, and its residents.

Keep abreast of activities

You can find the reports on the project here. And you can see all of our videos here too!


The Ghent Academy of Fine Arts organises image and orientation workshops for children and adults in various Ghent neighbourhoods. One year, about 400 pupils from 13 different neighbourhoods took part in the 'Taking the Collection Outside' project.

20230427 MSK De Boomhut c Martin Corlazzoli COR07596


The Drongenhofkapel is the setting for an exhibition of 'Honte, 2018-2019' by Berlinde De Bruyckere, 'Hemony' by Dirk Braeckman and 'Trans Parity' by Wim Delvoye. When pupils from the nearby school ‘De Mozaïek’ visited to see the works, they were asked to come up with three words to describe their experience of the chapel and, in particular, the work of Berlinde De Bruyckere.

Drongenhofkapel Karen Rodts


A festive parade at Ghent’s water sports lake was the final event of a creative collaboration between Circusplaneet, the MSK and the children who live in the neighbourhood surrounding the lake, organised by the Kabonga playground association. The children spent a week learning circus skills and building a giant bird.

© Martin Corlazzoli

Ledeberg & Binnenstad

Younger and older children from the creative youth programme ‘Mais Quelle Chanson’ in Ledeberg made regular visits to the museum over the past festive year, looking closely at the collection in preparation for their musical theatre production.

Schermopname 64

Nieuw Gent

Each August, the Nieuw Gent (‘New Ghent’) neighbourhood is the scene of the ‘Festival of Colourful Art’, a fun and festive event intended to get children excited about the circus, theatre, music and the visual arts. For the 2022 event, the children visited the MSK for inspiration.

Nieuw Gent 1

Rabot Blaisantvest

Pupils in the bizonklas participated in an art programme revolving around the powerful ties that exist between grandparents and grandchildren, even when they live far away from each other.

20230306 MSK Workshop Mandala1 c Martin Corlazzoli COR02647


Pupils at the François Laurent Institute took part in a year-long Taking the collection outside-project. Teachers also attended an artistic team building with MSK guide Rosemary de Keyser.

20230210 MSK Open Atelier c Martin Corlazzoli COR00147


Four different partners from Wondelgem worked together on a creative project on the theme of flowers and plants in the MSK collection. This resulted in four metre-high flower arches for the De Libertyt residential care centre, which can be admired by all (neighbourhood) residents for a fortnight.

20230623 MSK Bloemenbogen c Martin Corlazzoli COR05102


The pupils from the ‘Letterdoos’ worked throughout the school year around language in art and art in their own environment. They sought inspiration from the works of the MSK. They organised an art route in Oostakker and during the school festival, the whole school was immersed in an arty atmosphere.

20230628 MSK Kunstenroute c Martin Corlazzoli COR07753


Under the wings of art organisation Wallin, children and young people from Desteldonk created a graffiti wall for their square. For this, they took inspiration from The Master Painter by Jan Verhas from the MSK collection.