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The museum's strategic documents and annual reports are only available in Dutch (see below). For questions concerning the museum policy, please contact

The Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK) is the oldest museum in Belgium. After 225 years, the MSK wants to be a museum that is open to the world: not only with a broad view on the multicultural community, but also on our ever-evolving visual languages. It wants to make connections between 'old' and 'contemporary' art, looking not only to the past but also to the future.

A walk through the museum is not only a walk through time, but above all a voyage of discovery to ourselves, to our memories and desires, to our critical judgement, to our aesthetic but also ethical values. It is our aim that every visitor takes something away from the museum. A successful museum visit is a unique experience after which every visitor leaves the museum with something more ... of themselves. Increased attention is being paid to connection, interaction, collaboration, and bonding, also in the museum world.


The museum wants to actively contribute to a socially, environmentally and socially sustainable society. We work on recycling and saving energy, and strive to remove barriers to culture and connect people with each other.

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