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The collection through the eyes of the Ghent neighbourhood workshops

06.03 – 08.31.23

20230427 MSK De Boomhut c Martin Corlazzoli COR0745912848

The Ghent Academy of Fine Arts organises image and orientation workshops for children and adults in various Ghent neighbourhoods. One year, about 400 pupils from 13 different neighbourhoods took part in the 'Taking the Collection Outside' project.

The pupils visited the museum or received a museum guide to talk about the MSK collection in class. They then looked for inspiration in self-chosen works of art, details or specific themes (portrait, emotion, still life...). In each case, the teacher provided them with various perspectives, techniques and materials. The result of all this creativity is as diverse as the collection itself and bridges the gap between the art of the past and the world of today. The pupils and MSK are particularly proud to be able to display these works in the museum in the coming months.