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The MSK has always had a range of audience programmes, and in 2018 we added one specifically for and with young people. Schoonvolk is a diverse group of around fifteen people aged between 16 and 24, who want to see the museum grow into a lively place for all ages.


In their own words: "Schoonvolk! is MSK's youth collective: eager to give the world a kick in the ass, wake up the sleeping and prove that fine art doesn't have to be dusty."

With their background in tourism, fine arts, languages, pedagogy or journalism, for example, the group thinks up activities that can make the museum even more accessible to their peers. They organise events, discuss with the museum team and bring a fresh perspective on what MSK can do today. They want to take the pulse of the young art lover and especially the young visitor who does not yet visit museums.

Want to join the team?

Some members have been around for a while, but every year the group also looks for new blood. From the end of each school year, they launch a call for new members, in which fresh visions and diversity in the team are crucial. Only in this way can they truly realise their goal of shaking up the museum.

Did you miss the previous call or do you want to apply now for next year? Then be sure to contact

Schoonvolk 2022-2023

Matilde Bruneel, Lisa Van Raemdonck, Lotte Wouters, Hannah Engelen, Maaike D'Aes, Lana Rossie, Jakob De Smaele, Noé Lagaert, Jutte Dessein, Kobe Cottyn, Inès Al Share, Jits Schoonakker, Delphine Hanssens, Mirte Fransen, Charlot Vael