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Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink

Museum Director

Financial team

Vic Verhasselt

Financial coordinator

Séverine Baert

Fundraising, partnerships and sustainability

Brigitte De Vos

HR officer

Peggy Hobbels

PR & Events Officer

Karen Rodts

Policy officer

Pascale Van Lent

Financial officer

Exhibitions, collection and research

Dr. Johan De Smet

Department Head

Dr. Frederica Van Dam

Curator of Old Masters

Dr. Frederica Van Dam

Curator of Old Masters

Frederica Van Dam studied Art History at Ghent University and has been the curator of Old Masters at the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK) since 2017. She co-curated the widely acclaimed 2020 exhibition ‘Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution’ and was the driving force behind the first monographic exhibition on the Flemish Caravaggist Theodoor Rombouts (1597-1637), along with an accompanying book (2023). She is currently preparing an exhibition on women artists in the Low Countries (1600-1750) with the National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington D.C.

Frederica obtained a PhD in Art History researching Flemish painters in England in the Early Modern period, and within this context, published a book on a painter and poet from Ghent, Lucas d’Heere (1534-1584) during his time in England. The focus of her expertise is Early Modern painting (1500-1620), specifically Anglo-Flemish portraiture, technical art history, connoisseurship and Southern Netherlandish Humanism in the Renaissance.

Lieven Gerard

Restaurator & conservator

Jet Peters

Exhibition organiser

Joost Surmont

Restaurator & conservator

Candice Van Heghe

Assistant curator

Marhilde Wiels

Collection registrator

Library and archive

Veerle Verhasselt


Sofie Corneillie

Library assistant

Marketing, communications and audiences

Dr. Bart Ooghe

Department head

Bart Ooghe obtained a PhD at Ghent University, linking cultural history, literature and historical geography. In 2007, he made the leap to the cultural sector, and since 2015 he has been working at the MSK as head of marketing, communications and audience engagement.

Together with the team, he strives to reach and engage increasingly diverse audiences, both inside and outside the museum walls. A partial aspect of this is the MSK's LGBTQIA+ programming, which he coordinates since 2021 and as a result of which he is curator of the Queer Belgian Art exhibition (2027).

Soetkin Bruneel

Press & online communication manager

Ruud Ruttens

Graphic designer

Nora De Wit

Team lead of audience engagement

Madelein Descamps

Audience engagement officer

Lies Ledure

Audience engagement officer

Melissa Melsens

Audience engagement officer

Shop and front of house

Veerle Penninck

Shop manager

David Henry


Isabelle Heytens


Alexandra Becerra Lopez


Facility management and secutiry

Wesley De Smet

Department head

Els Anthuenis

Reception and technical assistant

Boris De Bisschop

Reception and technical assistant

Ilja Vandenbroucke

Building manager

Security guards

Annick, Bart, Carine, Carine, Cinderella, Dave, Geert, Gunter, Karin, Kenneth, Mike, Reza, Sam, Sven, Tom

Friends of the MSK

Sven Bontinck


Volunteer programmes

Brigitte De Vos

HR officer

Catherine Norro


Museum volunteers

Alexandra, Lieve, Eddy, Michel, Bart, Kurt, Jean, Hilde, Erica, Eric, Rita, Monique, Betty, Gudrun, Katleen, Mieke, Katrien, Vibe, Paula, Maarten, Béatrice, Chris, Gina, Peter, Daisy, Jean, Boris, Berre, Myriam, Sofie, Brigitte, Matteo, Tom

Guides and workshops

Melissa Melsens

Audience engagement officer

Museum guides

Martine Audenaert, Erik Bassier, Saskia Benoit, Lisa Bracke, Sylvie Brems, Bieke Brunin, Helen Buys, Zoë Croegaert, Rob Custers, Celesta Daniëls, Miguel De Clerq, Rozemarijn de Keyser, Saskia De Keyser, Lieze De Middeleire, Claudine De Mulder, Charlotte Deprez, Katrien De Tremerie, Kathy De Vos, Valerie De Witte, Christine Demeunynck, Marianne Devogele, Dominique Dumon, Pieter Duysburgh, Petja Gekiere, An Hernalsteen, Catherine Lampo, Lisa Man, Hildegarde Meganck, Inge Misschaert, Hilde Proot, Wim Provoost, Eric Reynaerts, Paul Sioncke, Annemie Stautemas, Annelies Steen, Sofie Steen, Joris Strouken, Carla Van den Dorpel, Caro Van den Hole, Louise Van de Werve, Kate Van der Haegen, Nienke Vander Slock, Wim Van Driessche, An Van Eenaeme, Karen Van Gulik, Anaïs Van Hoorebeke, Jo Vandevelde, Mieke Vyncke

Meet our guides and workshop supervisors


Madelein Descamps

Audience engagement officer


Matilde Bruneel, Lisa Van Raemdonck, Lotte Wouters, Hannah Engelen, Maaike D'Aes, Lana Rossie, Jakob De Smaele, Noé Lagaert, Jutte Dessein, Kobe Cottyn, Inès Al Share, Jits Schoonakker, Delphine Hanssens, Mirte Fransen, Charlot Vael