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Taking the collection outside: Desteldonk

© Martin Corlazzoli

Under the wings of art organisation Wallin, children and young people from Desteldonk created a graffiti wall for their square. For this, they took inspiration from The Master Painter by Jan Verhas from the MSK collection.

In 2023, the City of Ghent launched a project in Desteldonk aimed at developing a leisure offer for children and young people in this neighbourhood. Together with parents and the partners involved, the MSK examined how to give the living square in Desteldonk a visual 'face'. The art organization Wallin', specialized in street art and graffiti, was brought on board as a partner.With their help, and inspired by the museum's collection, the MSK organised creative street art workshops. 

Beforehand, the children visited the museum and street art locations in the city for additional inspiration. They eventually based themselves on the artwork The Master Painter by Jan Verhas and depicted themselves as young master painters on a 7-metre-long wall that now stands proudly on the living square in Desteldonk. The youngest children in the group made a triptych showing a big city, with fun graffiti trains.

Partners: Wallin', neighbourhood directors Christine Vercauteren and Nathalie Desmet, and educational assistant Valerie Vercauteren.

Thanks to Pieter Verbeke of Wallin' and guides Bieke Brunin and Katrien Detremerie for hosting the creative workshops.