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Image rights

Reproductions of artworks

The publication (in print or online) of visual material of artworks that are not part of the MSK collection is allowed only in the context of current media coverage of ongoing exhibitions and only with full mention of the copyright and captions as included on the website. For high-resolution press images of artworks from ongoing exhibitions, please contact Soetkin Bruneel.

Publication of collection images is allowed in the resolutions offered on the online collection section. We strongly appreciate any mention of Museum voor Schone Kunsten Gent in the case of reuse. To request images at higher resolutions or for use of copyrighted materials or for commercial purposes and publications, please contact Art in Flanders.


Some images are copyrighted by SABAM, Belgian Association of Authors, Composers and Publishers. Any reproduction, adaptation, partial modification or retransmission by TV, cable or internet of works from the SABAM repertoire is prohibited, except prior authorisation. Please contact:

Aarlenstraat 75-77
+32 (0)2 286 15 02
fax: +32 (0)2 230 47 36

Installation shots

Photos of the museum galleries and the museum building on the website may be reused for non-commercial purposes. Always mention © MSK Ghent, completed with the caption of the photo as it appears on the website.

To request these photos in high resolution or to request press images, please contact Soetkin Bruneel.