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Taking the collection outside: Ledeberg and Inner City

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The children and young people of 'Mais Quelle Chanson' from Ledeberg regularly visited the museum over the past year, to examine the collection in preparation for their musical theatre production.

On the one hand, they studied the collection to reflect on injustice, avarice (The Village Lawyer, Pieter II Brueghel, 1621), hope, mysticism (Christ carrying the Cross, Jheronimus Bosch, c.1485). On the other hand, the collection inspired them to express images as sounds: how might the 17th-century Soignes forest sound (The Soignes Forest with market vendors, Lodewijk De Vadder) or the rustling of trees in summer (My Studio in June, Anna De Weert, 1909-1910)...

Mais Quelle Chanson is active in several neighbourhoods in Ghent. Through a multidisciplinary approach it aims to give (vulnerable) children and young people a voice and offer them a stage.

Besides diving into the collection, the youngsters also get to work building their own musical instruments. All this will result in a musical theatre piece that will go into production in 2024.