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Taking the collection outside

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The MSK’s 225th anniversary is an occasion for a major interactive project by and for the people of Ghent. ‘Taking the collection outside’ involves the MSK and its partners going into the neighbourhoods of Ghent, looking not only for art aficionados, but also for people who might never have heard of us or visited the museum.

In an accessible way, we look at what the collection means now and what it could offer to wide range of audiences in the future. The findings of these activities could be reflected in a dialogue about a work of art, a series of creative workshops or walks - or even a festive event designed to bring all the people of the neighbourhood together. Through all of this, the MSK intends to explore its relationships with the people of the city, and to find ways to make the museum more accessible to people who might otherwise not find their way into the galleries. The insights gained during the ‘Taking the collection outside’ activities will be presented in the museum galleries as evidence of the continuous interaction between the city of Ghent, its museum, and its people.

Throughout the year, we document this process here on the Focus pages. On our What's on pages can also find the activities that take place in and around the museum in the context of 'Taking the collection outside'.