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Schoonvolk! audio guide

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Schoonvolk! is the MSK’s youth collective. They are a young crowd that is eager to kick the world up the butt, wake up the sleeping human, and prove that fine arts don't have to gather dust. And they are now doing so via their own audio guide.

Schoonvolk! wants to let you (re)discover the collection from the perspective of young people. Their social perspective on the works places old art in a contemporary context. Through twenty stops, they share their personal stories and touch on current topics such as gender, mental health, equal opportunities, privileges, authority, fashion, and more.

The guide is available in English, Dutch and French and is included in a museum ticket.

Apart from the Schoonvolk stops, the audio guide also includes art historical information to the entire museum collection, LGBTQ+ stories, musical renditions of artworks and audio descriptions for the blind and visually impaired. There's also a separate audio guide for kids.