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Schoonvolk celebrates with us!

Salon des Jeunes 2021

In September, MSK will blow out 225 candles. We, Schoonvolk, will celebrate with you! The past few months, we have been brainstorming and meeting to decide what the next academic year will bring. Because no birthday without a party.

Apart from the fact that the museum still exists in all its glory and prestige, the fact that it is still hip is actually even more impressive. For there are few things from the 18th century that are still 'in' today. This did not happen by standing still, but by growing with its time. The MSK represents cultural heritage passed on from generation to generation; and with each new generation comes a new set
of standards and emphases. We, Schoonvolk, are part of that next generation of passionate art lovers who want to ensure the museum's survival. So it is our job to keep the museum young and relevant.

That's why last year we organised 'Salon des Jeunes' last year, the exhibition where young artists of today had the opportunity to create work inspired by classic art, which in turn had been created when the artists were themselves still young. The exhibition brought many young people to the museum and was a huge success. Since then, however, we have not stood still. At the nocturne of 3 March, we organised a sketching evening during which young and old, with pencil and paper, moved through the halls together. Later in March, two of our members gave the guided tour 'breasts, buttocks and moral philosophy'. In it, bodies in the collection were critically examined.

At the May nocturne, breasts and buttocks were also present, namely in the 'spicy photo hunt' in which you could search for all kinds of sensual details in the museum rooms. And in June, the museum once again opened its rooms to students with 'blok@MSK' (literally: cramming@MSK). This enabled them to round off the academic year in style and in peace. And students are welcome again during the summer exams.

We have not stood still in recent months, nor do we intend to do so in the near future. The past few months we mainly brainstormed and held meetings about what the next academic year will bring for us. Because, as mentioned, the museum will be celebrating its 225th anniversary in September. And what is an anniversary without a party?

During the festive year, we plan to launch our own audio guide. Not a traditional guide filled with historical facts, but contemporary critical reflections that highlight the relevance of the collection. We will also expand the offer in the museum shop with some new items. We are currently working on cards and even a colouring book in the most mature sense of the word. In addition to the reintroduction of 'blok@MSK' and a sketch evening, we will also contribute to the project 'Collection outside', an initiative by Karen Rodts.

Of course, a year of celebration should also include a real party. We have to admit that our older colleagues have much more expertise than us in many areas, but when it comes to building a party, perhaps they can learn something from our generation. That is why we're planning to organise a silent disco during the Museum Night of December 2022, a party that will stay in our memories for a long time. So, dancing and singing, we will celebrate the 225th anniversary of the museum, the 125th anniversary of the Friends of the Museum, but also - less impressively, but still noteworthy - the 5th anniversary of Schoonvolk. Santé!

Coming soon with another rejuvenation cure