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The minor gesture

Selma & Sofiane Ouissi

18.06 – 15.08.16

Het kleine gebaar 04

‘The minor gesture’, performed by Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, aimed to express the intertwinement between the gestural and the social. 'The minor gesture’ imagined new societies based on cooperation, solidarity and collective thinking processes.

In collaboration with local (artistic) communities, the performers explored the power of nonverbal communication and its potential to surpass borders, language and social thresholds.

Selma & Sofiane Ouissi

Selma & Sofiane Ouissi are considered as major figures in contemporary dance in the Arab world. They are choreographers, dancers, performers and video artists, inspired alterity and minor gestures. Involvement with the environment, care for the body and the material with which they work, are central to their artistic practice.

L'Art Rue

L'Art Rue is a Tunisian non-profit organisation founded by Selma and Sofiane Ouissi. It aims to help and strenghten communities in Tunisia by bringing contemporary art and innovation into public spaces. With its projects L'Art Rue wants to create a coherence between art, culture, heritage, citizenship and politics. More information on L'Art Rue.

Protocols for the future
Each of the three projects that were part of 'Manufactories' was translated into a hands-on protocol or guideline. This will allow other organisations to create their own workshops, based on the lessons learned during the two years of experimentation in Belgium, France and Spain.