How can we give neglected objects a new lease on life? How can we take a different approach to the objects that surround us? Which force and resistance are contained within objects? Blanca Callén (researcher), Soledad Gutiérrez and Laurence Rassel (curators) examine how objects can be valued and upgraded. You can also give discarded objects a new lease on life in the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK), during creative writing workshops, wrapping sessions and auctions.

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Open workshops from 18.02 to 14.05
Write a new story for a discarded object, explore the possible lives of objects. The museum is examined as a place where forgotten objects and stories are lovingly cared for, repaired or restored and transformed. 'Objections' takes imagination and design as jumping-off point to raise questions about our consumer society.

From 18 February until 14 May every visitor is free to write a story or wrap an object.

Theme day on 14 May
'Objections' will close on 14 May with a theme day in the Museum of Fine Arts, with a sale, performances, workshops, a repair café and much more. A collaboration with Manoeuvre, ONBETAALBAAR, Timelab, Gents Milieufront, Performing Objects, Anneleen Van Offel, Heleen Debruyne and more.

Summer exhibition: 03.06–27.08.2017
'Objections' was developed at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona) and will be presented by the multidisciplinary artists Patricia Esquivias (Spain), Grace Ndiritu (Kenia/United Kingdom) and Oriol/Vilanova (Spain) during our summer exhibition 'Manufactories of Caring Space-Time'.

Protocols for the future
Each of the three projects that were part of 'Manufactories' was translated into a hands-on protocol or guideline. This will allow other organisations to create their own workshops, based on the lessons learned during the two years of experimentation in Belgium, France and Spain.

Click below to download the protocol for Objections: