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Gallery E: Young at heart!

27.03 – 29.08.21

Maurice Dupuis, 'The Young Artist (Daantje)', 1924, MSK Gent.

You’re never too young or too old to look at art with an open mind. Every painting has its story. In this mini-expo we let everyone discover - or invent – the stories of the children and families portrayed. Instead of the museum doing the talking, the visitors themselves dive into the art and do their own thing with it.

On the walls, the artists' children speak to the viewer. On the work tables, everyone gets the chance to show themselves to the world. Young and old get to work drawing or inventing the stories behind the paintings. Visitors are invited to write the texts they would like to see on the walls. The results of this creativity remain on display in the gallery, and every week the museum hangs up some of these new stories next to the paintings themselves.

The little ones can also use the feeler boxes to search for objects that can be found in the paintings. And those who are more digitally inclined can take a selfie in a painting using the MSK snapchat filters. Choose between filters for a family portraitas motherfatherchild or simply in 17th century dress.

'Young at heart!' is part of the family route, with poems and texts tailored to children spread throughout the galleries. Search them together and get to know art in a different way.

Gallery E: the public at the heart of the museum
'Gallery E' is a brand new space for expression, emotion, education and experimentation. From now on, the gallery will host temporary presentations, discussions and workshops in which visitors or museum partners can make their voices heard. In this way, we literally place the public at the heart of the museum. Be sure to let us know how you experience the new gallery. What works, what doesn't, and what would you like to see or do here in the future?