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Guides and facilitators

The MSK works with almost 50 guides. Every day, they passionately take groups of adults and children on a tour of the permanent collection presentation or the temporary exhibitions, and they supervise workshops in the museum atelier.

Guided tours, workshops and entry-level activities

The MSK has a wide range of offers for children and families, schools, adults and associations wishing to immerse themselves in the arts. You can book guided tours, participate in workshops and join in on easily accessible theme days such as the Children's Art Day or the Heritage Day. In addition to the on-demand tours, the museum also organises monthly talks and themed introductory tours that you can join individually.

To make all this possible, the museum relies on a large team of guides and facilitators who work for MSK as freelancers. Some of them work as all-round guides, others specialise in certain themes or specific audiences.

Want to become a guide?

We're regularly looking for new guides and workshop supervisors to expand the team. A love of art and, of course, a scrupulous and open mind are crucial, but you certainly don't have to be an (art) historian to work at the MSK.

On the contrary, we want to develop a team of guides as diverse as possible, with people of all ages, backgrounds and views. We also encourage guides to think up new methods or originally themed tours. This keeps the stories we tell topical and challenging.

Would you like to know more about our guide policy and would you like to apply? Please contact the public programming team,

Plan a group visit

Would you like to visit the MSK with friends or family, with your school, your association or company? Check out our wide range of group visits, with or without a guide!

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