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Make a donation

The MSK manages art for the future, conducts scientific research, builds exhibitions and takes an active social role. You too can contribute to our work by making a tax-deductible donation or by supporting a specific project.

Make a donation on our patronage account

The King Baudouin Fondation grants its cooperation to the MSK. Donations to the Foundation from €40 per year give rise to a tax reduction of 45% on the amount actually paid (art. 145/33 WIB). No matter how small or large your contribution, we can let even more people enjoy art and heritage.

Deposit your money in the cultural patronage account Museum of Fine Arts, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, on account BE10 0000 0404 with BIC BPOTBEB1 of the King Baudouin Foundation with structured communication 129/1029/00031.

Would you prefer to spread your support over a year? A monthly transfer to the same account is also possible. If you donate 500 euros, you will be immortalised as a Silver Patron, while Golden Patrons donate 1,500 euros. Interested in becoming a silver or golden patron? Please contact MSK corporate.

Support one of our projects

You can also choose to support a specific part of our work. To do so, first make a donation to the patronage account, and then send an email stating your preferred project to MSK corporate. We'll keep you informed on your chosen project.

  • Expanding the offer for the blind and visually impaired (€10,000): we will expand the audio guide with visual descriptions of some 25 works of art and investigate the possibility of making a 3D version of a sculpture from the collection.
  • Removing financial barriers (€5000): For residential care centres, organisations for foreign-language newcomers, or vulnerable elderly people, the financial threshold to a museum is sometimes high. Thanks to your donation, we're able to offer our services more often at preferential rates more often.
  • Developing innovative offers (€1500): the public relations team is currently developing a 'low stimulus' guided tourand a guided tour for people living in poverty. With the support of our patrons, we will be able to offer these at a lower rate.
  • Sustainability programme (€18,000): Since 2020, the MSK has had an action plan to become more socially, environmentally and socially sustainable. Among other things, we are investigating the reuse of rainwater, recycling waste and furniture, and taking steps to combat poverty. A donation will help us achieve these goals.
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