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Postponed museum ticket

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Visiting a museum is not feasible for everyone. For financial, social, physical, mental or other reasons, the threshold for culture is sometimes high. Thanks to our partnership with Hartelijke Plekken, you can donate tickets for a postponed visit. Help us build a city full of warm places where everyone is welcome.

How to use a postponed ticket

If you would like to enjoy a postponed visit, all you have to do is go to the front desk at the museum and ask for a ticket. Want to make sure there is still a ticket available? You can always call our front of house staff beforehand at +32 (0)9 323 67 01. 

Would you like to visit the museum with a group? Be sure to call the desk a few days in advance to check whether there are enough tickets available.

Donate a postponed museum visit

You can buy a postponed ticket for 2,6 euros at the ticket desk. This enables someone who needs it can visit the museum for free at a later date. This small gesture removes some major thresholds to enjoying art.

A drink or snack after your visit

Hartelijke Plekken also offers you a drink or snack in the museum brasserie Mub'art. You can check in advance to see if the postponed drinks or snacks are still available by contacting the bar at or 09 221 44 89.

Follow the guide!

Now and then, the museum also organises tours that you can join individually. We then keep a few free places available each time. Currently, most tours take place in Dutch, but we hope to offer more foreign-language tours in the future. Keep an eye on the brochure or send an e-mail to to find out when the next tour will take place.