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Art chat cards

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Our art chat cards invite you to have a discussion with your class group using a selection of works from the MSK collection.

Together, you can talk about everyday topics such as clothing, hobbies, parties, holidays, the senses... Moreover, they're a nice introduction to art and to the collection.

How it works

The cards are aimed at classes in secondary or higher education and at language teaching for newcomers. Language teachers can use them to initiate conversations and allow participants to practice languages. Art teachers can use them to initiate dialogue around art. The cards are digitally available in Dutch, French, English and German.

The concept is simple: look at the artwork on the card, get inspired by the example questions and start a conversation. The discussion cards form a bridge between experiencing art and acquiring language. They're designed in such a way that no additional museum accompaniment or guide is needed. You can therefore organise the activity completely independently.

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