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MSK puts its weight behind #sogetinformed!

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© Martin Corlazzoli

MSK has been working on ecological and social sustainability for some time. In order to sharpen the ecological awareness even further, a red line at a height of 2 metres was applied to the MSK façade from May to November 2021. In doing so, the museum is supporting the campaign 'Oceans are rising, so get informed'.

A line as a signal

The campaign Oceans are rising, so get informed and the accompanying website are an initiative of geography teacher Koen Meirlaen. He was trained as a polar ambassador during an expedition with climate scientists in Antarctica and since then has been working in various ways to correctly inform citizens about global warming. The website provides information but is also a platform where climate actions of organisations, companies and schools can be shared.

Cultural institutions turn red

In Ghent, 14 cultural institutions already put this campaign in the spotlight and a large-scale campaign was launched in Louvain. A red line was also drawn around the MSK. Not out of fear that our museum will be flooded - it is located at one of the highest points in Ghent - but because a lot of art and heritage sites are in danger due to climate change and rising sea levels.

Since the MSK is protected heritage, the line was only present for 6 months. But also after the disappearance of the line, we continue to support the campaign. This is possible through the networks we actively contribute to: Greentrack and Pulse Transition Network.