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Lines of Tangency

01.10.15 – 05.03.16

Raaklijnen 136

Where do the tangents between past and present, or between ‘I’ and our fellow man, lie? The MSK invited contemporary artists to work around this grey zone. Using a variety of media, they sketched an animated world in which (human) relationships were once again central. In so doing, the artists questioned our world view in a globalized, seemingly limitless society.

With: Edith Dekyndt, Aslan Gaisumov, Monika Grzymala, Tim Knowles, Maria Laet, Sarah Sze, Pieter Vermeersch, Gosia Wlodarczak and John Wolseley.

In their art, ‘reciprocity’ materialises in the form of intermingling shades of grey, connections between people and common ground shared with the living world around us. Art in the 21st century is increasingly based on that subjectivity, in reaction to the individuality and radicalism of the 20th century.

By working on subjective lines of tangency, the artists also directly called our current world view in a globalised society into question. They did this in a range of different media. For example, there were drawings on the glass door to the museum, paintings on the walls and organic installations in the exhibition space. Each in their own way, the artists mapped out a spirited world in which the significance of (human) relationships was restored and given pride of place once again.