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The Agony in the Garden, ca. 1580 - 1625

  • burin engraving, paper
  • 328 x 470 mm
  • Inv. 2015-LU

Public Domain

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In a vast landscape, Christ prays kneeling on the Mount of Olives, looking up to heaven where an angel has appeared in a vision. On the ground behind Christ, the three disciples Peter, James and John are asleep. On the right, Judas approaches, followed by a group of soldiers.


Jan van Londerseel RKD
Antwerp 1578 - Rotterdam ca. 1624 - 1625
engravers (printmakers)AAT

David I Vinckboons RKD
Mechelen 1576 - Amsterdam ca. 1631 - 1633

Claes Jansz II Visscher RKD
Amsterdam 1586 - 1587 - Amsterdam 1652

Title The Agony in the Garden
Date ca. 1580 - 1625
Period 16th century
17th century
Medium and support burin engraving AAT
Collection print room
Object type burin engraving AAT
reproductive prints AAT
Inventory number 2015-LU
Acquisition credit unknown
Current whereabouts Work currently not on display
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300055874 religious symbolism AAT
300189808 figures (representations) AAT
300015636 landscapes AAT
Keywords Iconclass 11D Christ Iconclass
11D3 Christ as adult Iconclass
11H(JAMES THE GREAT)11 the apostle James the Great; possible attributes: book, pilgrim's cloak, hat, shell, staff, and wallet, scroll, sword - male saint as patron, protector, intercessor Iconclass
11H(JOHN) the apostle John the Evangelist; possible attributes: book, cauldron, chalice with snake, eagle, palm, scroll Iconclass
11H(JUDE THADDAEUS) the apostle Jude Thaddaeus; possible attributes: book, club, halberd, scroll Iconclass
11H(PETER) the apostle Peter, first bishop of Rome; possible attributes: book, cock, (upturned) cross, (triple) crozier, fish, key, scroll, ship, tiara Iconclass
11Q71441 chalice Iconclass
22C light Iconclass
22C3 supernatural light Iconclass
22C31 radiance emanating from persons or things Iconclass
25G3 trees Iconclass
25G3(PALM-TREE) trees: palm-tree Iconclass
25G31 shrubs Iconclass
25H112 rocks Iconclass
25I city-view, and landscape with man-made constructions Iconclass
25I12 prospect of city, town panorama, silhouette of city Iconclass
25I3 farm or solitary house in landscape Iconclass
26A clouds Iconclass
31B1 sleeping; unconsciousness Iconclass
31B13 sleeping on the ground Iconclass
41A17 farm (building) Iconclass
41A54 fence, wall, paling Iconclass
41A6 garden Iconclass
45B the soldier; the soldier's life Iconclass
45C13 hacking and thrusting weapons Iconclass
45F9 treason Iconclass
61E(JERUSALEM) names of cities and villages (JERUSALEM) Iconclass
73 New Testament Iconclass
73C public life of Christ: from his baptism until the Passion Iconclass
73C91 Christ praying (in general), e.g.: in the wilderness Iconclass
73D31 Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, 'Oelberg' (Matthew 26:36-56; Mark 14:32-52; Luke 22:39-53; John 18:1-12) Iconclass
73D312 Christ's prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane during the night Iconclass
73D3121 agony of Christ: to comfort him one or more angels appear to Christ with chalice and/or cross Iconclass
73D31211 agony of Christ; three (or eleven) apostles sleeping Iconclass
73E4 Christ and his apostles on the Mount of Olives Iconclass
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