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Hero, ca. 1889

  • marble (rock)
  • 190 cm
  • Inv. 1889-I

Public Domain

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Hippolyte Leroy, who was born in Liège, began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent while doing his military service there. As a laureate of the Godecharle Prize, he travelled to Paris, where he helped the sculptor Alexandre Falguière on the crowning piece of the Arc de Triomphe. The marble Hero, which was first exhibited at the Salon of Ghent in 1883, shows the young priestess of Venus watching helplessly how her lover Leander drowns in the Bosporus, which he tries to cross to be with her. The young woman's pose closely resembles that of a Slave by the sculptor Jean Henri Cuypers, which was shown at the Brussels Salon in 1882. The broad dramatic gesture and the expression of pain on the young woman's face remain characteristic of a certain well-mannered classicism and show the French influence that dominates the entire production of this artist.


Hippolyte Le Roy RKD
Liège 1857 - Ghent 1943

Title Hero
Date ca. 1889
Period 19th century
Collection sculpture AAT
Object type marble (rock) AAT
Inventory number 1889-I
Acquisition credit purchase
Current whereabouts Work currently not on display
Permalink https://mskgent.be/collection/work/data/1889-I
IIIF Manifest https://imagehub.mskgent.be/iiif/3/10/manifest.json
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300417629 mythologies (religious concept) AAT
Keywords Iconclass 31A2421 head turned to the left Iconclass
31A2621 one leg in front of the other Iconclass
31AA the (nude) human figure; 'Corpo humano' (Ripa) - AA - female human figure Iconclass
31AA231 standing figure - AA - female human figure Iconclass
31AA25112 arm raised, with fingers spread out - AA - both arms or hands Iconclass
31B6217 eyes closed Iconclass
92 gods ~ classical mythology Iconclass
95B(HERO & LEANDER) (story of) Hero and Leander Iconclass
School / Style academicism AAT
historicism (theory) AAT
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