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Birthday crowns by Vladimir Ivaneanu

A prince among printers, Vladimir Ivaneanu has a deep appreciation for manual printing techniques and the paper toys of yesteryear, particularly birthday crowns. To help celebrate the MSK Ghent’s 225th anniversary, he created a series of crowns inspired by the crowned heads that appear in the MSK’s collection of works by Flemish Masters. He designed each one with close attention to detail, leaving printing in the capable hands of Jozias Boone and Printstudio 868.

Made in Ghent | Limited and signed edition | silkscreen and blind screen printing

€ 24.50

Over Vladimir Ivaneanu

Vladimir Ivaneanu studied Graphic Design at the WENK, Sint Lucas in Ghent, where he discovered an interest in relief printing. In 2007 he was selected to participate in the Nagasawa Art Park Project in Japan, where he delved into Japanese woodblock printing. He began teaching in the graphic design department of the Academy for Visual Arts In Ghent in 2010, and alongside his work as a visual artist he is also the driving force behind Printstudio 868, a studio space for graphic artists. Besides all of this, he is fascinated by the history of graphic art and illustration, about which he lectures at the Plantin Institute for Typography in Antwerp and elsewhere. His work is situated at the intersections of theatre, illustration and all types of graphic arts.