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Porcelain tiles by Sabien Clement

For inspiration for these designs, Sabien visited the museum and looked into the eyes of the figures in the sculptures, waiting to hear what they would tell her. She festooned them with little red flags while she was drawing them: after all everyone needs to know that this is a festive occasion! The three different tiles are based on ‘Men Fighting’ (ca. 1886) by George Minne, ‘Venusberg’ (ca. 1893) by Egide Rombaux and ‘Factory Worker and her Child’ (1919) by Jules II Van Biesbroeck.

€ 48 | st.

About Sabien Clement

Sabien Clement is an illustrator of children’s books. She studied graphic design and illustration at Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp and in Poland.

“Illustration is a way of bringing a story to life. And more than that. Through my wild ideas, I hope to change your view of the world by expanding it and injecting heat and colour. Gently, with a smile and a dash of humour. Or in a more immediate way. Because sometimes a picture is able to silently formulate something that cannot be put into words. Where can you find my work? In picture books, poetry collections, in posters and on walls, tiles, cards, even pralines.”