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Earrings by Elisa Lee

Elisabeth Leenknegt took inspiration from the 1926 painting ‘Haven. Opus 2’ by Victor Servranckx to create these luxurious earrings.

Available in silver, silver gilt and rose silver gilt.

€300 - €350

About Elisabeth Leenknegt

Atelier EL was conceived out of a love of creating jewellery. As a third-generation glass artist, Elisabeth Leenknegt’s journey began in 2002 when she was inspired glass items from the classic Roman period. Over the years, Elisa Lee has grown into a high-end jewellery brand while always retaining its original values of unparalleled craftsmanship and respect for our Earth and each other. Elisa Lee has deliberately chosen to carry out every step of production in Belgium. Each piece is handcrafted in the Elisa Lee workshop, in cooperation with local partners in East and West Flanders.