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Jewellery by Fleurfatale

‘The Good House’, by Gustave Desmet, presents a scene set in a 1930s bordello. Three ladies of the evening are scantily dressed, their lips brightly made up, their hair tidy. Two men wait, sharing a drink, and a fourth woman peeks from behind a velvet curtain. This mesmerising painting was the inspiration behind Greet Tanghe’s latest jewellery collection, entitled ‘Gusta: an ode to women and femininity’.

Earrings, ear studs, necklaces and broches are available in silver and silver gilt.

€ 55 - € 79

About Greet Tanghe

Fleurfatale is the jewellery label of graphic designer and jeweller Greet Tanghe. After a career as a graphic artist, Greet changed course 13 years ago to follow her passion for jewellery design. Her work is marked by simplicity, stylised designs and clean lines. While her creations are in precious metals and porselein, she also enjoys seeking out unexpected materials. Greet deliberately embraces small-scale production, as this enables her to follow her inspirations without being bound to the requirements of a particular shop or season. Thanks to her choice of processes and materials, as well as her small scale and reliance on local suppliers, her designs and collections are all sustainable.