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Painted lamps by Karen Vande Casteele

For the designs painted on these lamps, Karen took inspiration from the mosaics around the museum entry. All proceeds will go entirely to the non-profit organisation Amethist.

€ 150

About Karen Vande Casteele

Karen Vande Casteele was born with a severe form of asthma. Since drawing is the one thing that she is always able to do, it is a way of escaping reality. Every moment that she is physically able, she is busy creating something new and making the world a more beautiful place. She pours heart and soul into her work, preferring to focus on positive, cheerful subjects. After starting her career as an illustrator of greeting cards and picture books, she became particularly well-known in Ghent and elsewhere for her beautifully painted lamps. Karen is also a co-founder of the non-profit organisation Amethist, which works to promote art and creativity. Amethist is a source of support for creative people who are eager to help each other achieve their dreams, and as such it is committed to inclusivity.