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Other festive items

Throughout the celebratory year the shop will also offer a selection of other festive items, from a snowball inspired by a work by Valerius De Saedeleer to a range of scented candles.

Following the photos:

Snow globe inspired by ‘A Farm in a Valley’ (ca. 1916) by Valerius De Saedeleer
Snow globe inspired by ‘Vanitas’ (ca. 1650) by Hendrick Andriessen
Snow globe inspired by ‘Waterfowl’ (ca. 1685) by Melchior d’Hondecoeter
€ 19.50

Scented candles
100% made in Belgium
paraffin-free | home-grown rapeseed wax
recycled glass
cast in a traditional workshop
natural fragrances from Grasse (FR)
€ 19.50

Kitchen towel
Image: Linocut from folder with 6 linocuts (1921) by Jozef Peeters
100% cotton | woven in Belgium | available in grey, green and blue
€ 12.50

Lipstick box
Inspired by ‘The Good House’ (1926) by Gustave De Smet
€ 6.99