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Sensory basket

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The museum contains many stimuli such as sounds, smells, colours, projections, dark halls or rooms with strong lighting and contrasts. For some, there are too many stimuli, for others too few. For visitors who are sensitive to stimuli, we offer a sensory basket with all kinds of tools to reduce or awaken stimuli.

How does it work?

Ask for the basket at the front desk.
You choose which tools you want to use during your visit.
You will be given a bag to put them in.
The desk clerk will indicate on a form with photos which tools you are lending and write your name next to them.
After your visit, you return the bag with all the borrowed items to the desk.

What tools are available?

Hearing protectors
Stress ball

Inclusive visits

The MSK wants everyone to enjoy art. We therefore work hard to remove financial, language and other barriers, taking into account the specific needs of all our visitors.