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Kina & MSK: Adventures between art and nature

01.07 – 31.08.24
selfguided tour
100 jaar Kina Crop2

From quiet seascapes to birds in bright colours, nature inspires. They also know this at De wereld van Kina (The world of Kina), the nature museum for children and young people in Ghent, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. To mark this anniversary, you can visit a special duo exhibition in both museums this summer.

In the MSK, small cabinets of wonder pop up among the paintings with extraordinary natural treasures. Go on an adventure among stuffed birds, reptiles on strong water and beautifully coloured stones. What does a painted angel have in common with a bird? How lifelike were those fish and lobsters painted? ‘Treasures of Fly’ guides you through the trail by means of (search) assignments and riddles.

But you can also look for art in The World of Kina: the House. Throughout the museum you will find art (reproductions) from the MSK's collection that have a link to their nature collection. Each work of art also comes with a challenging activity assignment as part of ‘Treasures of Fly’.