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The Road to Calvary, 1886

  • pencils (drawing and writing equipment), paper
  • Inv. 2018-IR

Public Domain

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Théophile Marie François Lybaert RKD VIAF Wikidata
Ghent 1848 - Ghent 1927
draftsmen (artists)AAT

Title The Road to Calvary
Date 1886
Period 19th century
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings date: 1886
Collection print room
Object type pencil drawings AAT
Inventory number 2018-IR
Acquisition credit transfer
Friary Saint-Lucas Institute Ghent
Current whereabouts Work currently not on display
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300055874 religious symbolism AAT
Keywords Iconclass 11D Christ Iconclass
44G32 executioner, hangman Iconclass
44G33 torture Iconclass
46C1463 whip Iconclass
73 New Testament Iconclass
73D4 from Pilate's palace to Golgotha: the procession to Calvary (Matthew 27:31-33; Mark 15:20-22; Luke 23:26-33; John 19:17) Iconclass
73D41 carrying of the cross: Christ bearing the cross, alone or with the help of others (e.g. Simon the Cyrenian) Iconclass
73D411 Christ collapsing ~ carrying of the cross Iconclass
73D82(CROSS) cross ~ instruments of the Passion Iconclass
73D82(WHIP) single instruments of the Passion (WHIP) Iconclass
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