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The Adoration of the Shepherds, ca. 1598 - 1600

  • engravings, paper
  • 190 x 152 mm
  • Inv. 2014-MP

Public Domain

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This unfinished composition consists of four figures: the Virgin Mary, Joseph and two shepherds.


Anonymous Master
engravers (printmakers)AAT

Hendrick Goltzius RKD
Brüggen 1558 - Haarlem 1617

Titian RKD VIAF Wikidata
Pieve di Cadore 1488 - 1490 - Venice 1576

Lucas van Leyden RKD
Leyden 1494 - Leyden 1533

Jacob Matham

Title The Adoration of the Shepherds
Date ca. 1598 - 1600
Period 16th century
Location Haarlem TGN
Medium and support engravings AAT
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings printed inscription in the dipiction, at the top: Cum privil. Sa. Cae. Mtis.
printed inscription in the dipiction, at the top: H Goltzius Fecit
printed inscription in the dipiction, at the top: I. Matham excud.
printed inscription in the dipiction, at the top: 1615.
Collection print room
Object type engravings AAT
Inventory number 2014-MP
Acquisition credit unknown
Current whereabouts Work currently not on display
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300055874 religious symbolism AAT
300189808 figures (representations) AAT
Keywords Iconclass 11F the Virgin Mary Iconclass
11H(JOSEPH) the foster-father of Christ, Joseph of Nazareth, husband of Mary; possible attributes: flowering rod or wand, lily, carpenter's tools Iconclass
41B31 candle Iconclass
47I221 herding, herdsman, herdswoman, shepherd, shepherdess, cowherd, etc. Iconclass
48(+431) art (+ copy, copying ~ work of art) Iconclass
73 New Testament Iconclass
73B2 adoration of the Christ-child ~ Christ's birth Iconclass
73B25 adoration of the Christ-child by the shepherds; Mary and Joseph present Iconclass
School / Style Renaissance AAT
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