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The Discovery of the Infant Moses in a Basket by Pharaoh's Daughter, ca. 1581 - 1582

  • burin engraving, paper
  • 241 x 200 mm
  • Inv. 2014-LU-2

Public Domain

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Anonymous Master
engravers (printmakers)AAT

Maerten de Vos RKD Wikidata
Antwerp 1532 - Antwerp 1603

Hans Sadeler RKD
Brussels 1550 - Venice 1600

Title The Discovery of the Infant Moses in a Basket by Pharaoh's Daughter
Date ca. 1581 - 1582
Period 16th century
Medium and support burin engraving AAT
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings printed inscription outside the depiction, bottom left: Praecepit Pharao omni populo [...] / in flume proijcite. Excodi.I.
printed inscription outside the depiction, below: Eodem te.pore natus ets Moyses, [...] / nutrivit eum sibi in filium.
inscription outside the depiction, left middle: M.D. vos inventor. Sadler excud:
Collection print room
Object type burin engraving AAT
Inventory number 2014-LU-2
Acquisition credit unknown
Current whereabouts Work currently not on display
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300055874 religious symbolism AAT
300189808 figures (representations) AAT
300015636 landscapes AAT
300015571 cityscapes (representations) AAT
Keywords Iconclass 21D water (one of the four elements) Iconclass
25H2 landscapes with waters, waterscapes, seascapes (in the temperate zone) Iconclass
25H212 brook Iconclass
25H213 river Iconclass
25I city-view, and landscape with man-made constructions Iconclass
25I12 prospect of city, town panorama, silhouette of city Iconclass
25I5 landscape with tower or castle Iconclass
31A72 female sex; woman Iconclass
31AA231 standing figure - AA - female human figure Iconclass
31AA233 kneeling figure - AA - female human figure Iconclass
31D13 adolescent, young woman, maiden Iconclass
41A1 civic architecture; edifices; dwellings Iconclass
41A14 urban housing Iconclass
41A7751 container made of plant material other than wood: basket Iconclass
45K1 fortifications, military engineering Iconclass
45K14 fortified city Iconclass
45K143 moat ~ fortified city Iconclass
46C112 bridge Iconclass
48(+431) art (+ copy, copying ~ work of art) Iconclass
61D(NILE) geographical names of countries, regions, mountains, rivers, etc. (names of cities and villages excepted) (NILE) Iconclass
71 Old Testament Iconclass
71E11 Exodus (part I): events preceding and preparing the exit of Israel from Egypt Iconclass
71E1124 the finding of Moses: Pharaoh's daughter comes to bathe with her maidens in the river and discovers the child floating on the water Iconclass
School / Style Renaissance AAT
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