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The Entombment

  • etching, paper
  • 161 x 100 mm
  • Inv. 2014-IG-4

Public Domain

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Hippolyte Louis Emile Pauquet RKD
Paris 1797 - Paris 1871

Jean Michel Moreau RKD
Paris 1741 - Paris 1814

Title The Entombment
Period 19th century
Medium and support etching AAT
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings inscription top right: 4
inscription at the back, top: Nulles
Collection print room
Object type etching AAT
Inventory number 2014-IG-4
Acquisition credit unknown
Current whereabouts Work currently not on display
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300055874 religious symbolism AAT
300189808 figures (representations) AAT
300015636 landscapes AAT
Keywords Iconclass 11D Christ Iconclass
11D3 Christ as adult Iconclass
11F the Virgin Mary Iconclass
11H(JOHN THE BAPTIST) John the Baptist; possible attributes: book, reed cross, baptismal cup, honeycomb, lamb, staff Iconclass
11H(JOSEPH OF ARIMATHAEA) the Jewish councillor Joseph of Arimathaea; possible attributes: Holy Grail, instruments of the Passion (e.g. three nails, crown of thorns) Iconclass
11H(NICODEMUS) male saints (NICODEMUS) Iconclass
11HH(MARY MAGDALENE) the penitent harlot Mary Magdalene; possible attributes: book (or scroll), crown, crown of thorns, crucifix, jar of ointment, mirror, musical instrument, palm-branch, rosary, scourge Iconclass
11Q43 stigmatization, stigmata Iconclass
25G1 plants (in general) Iconclass
25G3 trees Iconclass
25G31 shrubs Iconclass
25H112 rocks Iconclass
42E31 grave, tomb Iconclass
42E33 sarcophagus Iconclass
48(+431) art (+ copy, copying ~ work of art) Iconclass
73 New Testament Iconclass
73D Passion of Christ Iconclass
73D6712 loin-cloth ~ particularities of crucifixion scenes Iconclass
73D72 the mourning over the dead Christ Iconclass
73D721 lamentation over the dead Christ by his relatives and friends (Christ usually without crown of thorns) Iconclass
73D7213 Christ's body on or in the grave Iconclass
73D76 Christ's entombment (possibly by angels) Iconclass
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