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Pan and Syrinx, ca. 1661 - 1689

  • burin engraving, paper
  • 227 x 327 mm
  • Inv. 2014-CC

Public Domain

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Alexander II Voet RKD
Antwerp 1637 - 1693 - 1695
attributed to

Jacques Fouquier RKD
Antwerp 1590 - 1591 - Paris 1655 - 1656

Alexander I Voet RKD
Antwerp 1608 - Antwerp 1689

Title Pan and Syrinx
Date ca. 1661 - 1689
Period 17th century
Location Antwerp TGN
Medium and support burin engraving AAT
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings inscription bottom left: I. Foucquier pinxit.
inscription bottom right: A. Voet excud.
inscription on the back, bottom right: 340
inscription on the reverse: 5
Collection print room
Object type burin engraving AAT
Inventory number 2014-CC
Acquisition credit unknown
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300417629 mythologies (religious concept) AAT
300189808 figures (representations) AAT
25H landscapes Iconclass
Keywords Iconclass 25G4(REED) plants and herbs: reed Iconclass
25H2 landscapes with waters, waterscapes, seascapes (in the temperate zone) Iconclass
25H213 river Iconclass
31A the (nude) human figure; 'Corpo humano' (Ripa) Iconclass
31AA the (nude) human figure; 'Corpo humano' (Ripa) - AA - female human figure Iconclass
48(+431) art (+ copy, copying ~ work of art) Iconclass
83(OVID, Metamorphoses) (scenes from) specific works of literature (OVID, Metamorphoses) Iconclass
92 gods ~ classical mythology Iconclass
92L3 nymphs (in general); 'Ninfe in commune' (Ripa) Iconclass
92L312 Naiads, river- and spring-nymphs; usually carrying an urn; 'Naiadi, ninfe de' fiumi' (Ripa) Iconclass
92L32(SYRINX) single named nymphs (SYRINX) Iconclass
92L5 (story of) Pan Iconclass
97BB5 Syrinx changed into a reed: while fleeing from Pan, the nymph Syrinx is changed into reed by her sisters, the Naiads (Ovid, Metamorphoses I 705) Iconclass
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