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Honorary Plaque Medal from the City of Ghent to Alice Keelhoff

  • founding (metal or glass working), bronze
  • 65 mm
  • Inv. 2011-HG

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This plaque by Geo Verbanck shows on the front a girl presenting a flower basket to a young woman with a crown of thorns. At the bottom is the inscription 1914-18. The reverse shows that the plaque was given to Alice Keelhoff in gratitude of the city of Ghent. Alice Keelhoff was a Belgian artist born in Ghent in 1896 and died in 1983. She was the second cousin of artist François Keelhoff and trained at the Academy in Liège (under Jacques Ochs), at the Académie Julian and at the Grande Chaumière in Paris. After making her debut at the age of 33, she made a name for herself in the Ghent region as a draughtswoman and painter of portraits, figures, nudes, interiors, animals, flowers and still lifes. She loved backlighting effects and her works were bathed in an intimate atmosphere.


Geo Verbanck RKD VIAF Wikidata
Ghent 1881 - Aartselaar 1961

Title Honorary Plaque Medal from the City of Ghent to Alice Keelhoff
Period 20th century
Medium and support founding (metal or glass working) AAT
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings location and year on the front side: Gent 1914=1918 Gand
signatures (names) on the front side: GEO VERBANCK
text at the back, left: De stad Gent uit erkentelijkheid aan
text on the back, at the right: La ville de Gand reconnaissante à
location and date reverse, centre below: Mlle Keelhoff
Collection medals AAT
Object type plaques (flat objects) AAT
rounded plaque
Inventory number 2011-HG
Permalink https://mskgent.be/collection/work/data/2011-HG
IIIF Manifest https://imagehub.mskgent.be/iiif/3/6242/manifest.json
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300189808 figures (representations) AAT
Keywords Iconclass 25G41 flowers Iconclass
31A72 female sex; woman Iconclass
31D112 child Iconclass
31D11222 girl (child between toddler and youth) Iconclass
31D13 adolescent, young woman, maiden Iconclass
31D130 Maidenhood Iconclass
41A7751 container made of plant material other than wood: basket Iconclass
61BB2 historical persons - BB - woman Iconclass
61BB2(ALICE KEELHOFF) historical person (ALICE KEELHOFF) - BB - woman Iconclass
73D82(CROWN OF THORNS) crown of thorns ~ instruments of the Passion Iconclass
School / Style realism (artistic form of expression) AAT
historicism (theory) AAT
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