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Spring, 1882

  • photoaquatints (prints), rouleau, paper
  • 221 x 289 mm
  • Inv. 2011-EO

Public Domain

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Félicien Rops RKD VIAF Wikidata
Namur 1833 - Corbeil-Essonnes 1898

Title Spring
Date 1882
Period 19th century
Medium and support photoaquatints (prints) AAT
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings signature, year and place in the representation, bottom left: Félicien Rops / Montlignon 1882
signatures (names) outside the depiction, centre below: Félicien Rops
Collection print room
Object type photoaquatints (prints) AAT
Inventory number 2011-EO
Acquisition credit gift
The Friends of the Museum
Current whereabouts Work currently not on display
Permalink https://mskgent.be/collection/work/data/2011-EO
IIIF Manifest https://imagehub.mskgent.be/iiif/3/6166/manifest.json
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300189808 figures (representations) AAT
300015636 landscapes AAT
Keywords Iconclass 23D seasons of the year (esp. personifications); 'Stagione', 'Le quattro stagione dell'anno' (Ripa) Iconclass
23D42 spring, 'Ver'; 'Primavera' (Ripa) Iconclass
23E42 spring ~ human activities (the four seasons of the year) Iconclass
23F42 spring landscape; landscape symbolizing spring (the four seasons of the year) Iconclass
25G3 trees Iconclass
25G4(GRASS) plants and herbs (GRASS) Iconclass
31A72 female sex; woman Iconclass
31AA236 lying figure - AA - female human figure Iconclass
31D120 Youth, Adolescence, 'Iuventus'; 'Adolescenza', 'Gioventu' (Ripa) Iconclass
31D13 adolescent, young woman, maiden Iconclass
41D221(FLOWER HAT) head-gear (FLOWER HAT) Iconclass
49N reading Iconclass
School / Style realism (artistic form of expression) AAT
L' oeuvre gravé et lithographié de Félicien Rops : Tome premier: Catalogue de l'oeuvre lithographié ; Tome second: Catalogue de l'oeuvre gravé. Première Partie: Études et compositions ; Tome Troisième: Catalogue de l'oeuvre gravé. Deuxième Partie: Frontispices et illustrations. Troisième Partie: Menus, lettrines, marques et invitations. Quatrième Partie: Planches d'essais ; Tome quatrième: Catalogue de l'oeuvre gravé. Cinquième Partie: Planches libres. Catalogues des Reproductions: Table Alphabétique des Planches Décrites / Maurice Exsteens. - Paris : Éditions Pellet, 1928 (nr. 357)
Félicien Rops : Catalogue raisonné de l'oeuvre gravé et lithographié ; Tome I. Les lithographies ; Tome II - III: Les eaux-fortes / Eugène Rouir. - Bruxelles : Claude Van Loock, 1987-1992
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