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Demons Teasing Me, 1895

  • etching, paper
  • 114 x 154 mm
  • Inv. 1998-B-92

Public Domain

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Ensor repeatedly repeated motifs from drawings in etching and later in lithography. An example of this is the work "Devils Teassing Me", which Ensor executed in drawing and then in etching and lithography. Ensor repeated the composition for a colour lithograph which served as a poster for his personal exhibition at the Salon des Cent in Paris and which was published by the French magazine La Plume (inv. 2003-AY). The Ensor exhibition was organised on the initiative of Ensor's friend Eugène Demolder. The exhibition ran from 15 December 1898 to 15 January 1899 at 31 rue Bonaparte in Paris. The depiction of Christ surrounded by bullying devils is taken from the drawing "Devils Teasing Me" from 1888 (Chicago, The Art Institute), later reworked in the etching and the lithograph of the same name both from 1895.


James Ensor RKD VIAF Wikidata
Ostend 1860 - Ostend 1949

Title Demons Teasing Me
Date 1895
Period 19th century
Medium and support etching AAT
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings signature and year centre: J. Ensor / 1895
signature, title and year bottom right: James Ensor 1895 / Démons me turlupinant
inscription on the reverse: AT
signatures (names) on the reverse: James Ensor.
inscription on the reverse: 5 / D. 91 / Epreuve n°4
Collection print room
Object type etching AAT
Inventory number 1998-B-92
Acquisition credit purchase
Taevernier, Auguste (coll.)
Current whereabouts Work currently not on display
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300056485 fantastic art AAT
300124534 self-portraits AAT
300189808 figures (representations) AAT
Keywords Iconclass 11K devil(s) and demons Iconclass
11K43 devil or demons attacking mortals Iconclass
25F9 mis-shapen animals; monsters Iconclass
31A231 standing figure Iconclass
31A42 human beings (legendary or not) of abnormal proportions, size, strength, etc. Iconclass
31D14 adult man Iconclass
33B11 mocking, insulting; teasing Iconclass
33B14 threatening behaviour, challenging Iconclass
48B3 portrait, self-portrait of artist Iconclass
52A4 Imagination; 'Imaginatione' (Ripa) Iconclass
52A44 Fantasy, Caprice; 'Capriccio' (Ripa) Iconclass
53C22 Menace, Intimidation; 'Minaccie' (Ripa) Iconclass
56BB12 Torment; 'Tribulatione' (Ripa) Iconclass
56DD1 Fear, Dread; 'Paura', 'Timidita o Timore', 'Timore' (Ripa) Iconclass
61B2(JAMES ENSOR) historical person (JAMES ENSOR) Iconclass
61BB2(AUGUSTA BOOGAERTS) historical person (AUGUSTA BOOGAERTS) - BB - woman Iconclass
61BB2(ROUSSEAU, Mariette) historical person (ROUSSEAU, Mariette) - BB - woman Iconclass
School / Style phantasy
satire (artistic device) AAT
Symbolism (artistic concept) AAT
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