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Sunken Road with Figures in the Sonian Forest

  • oil paint, canvas
  • 31.8 x 38.7 cm
  • Inv. 1938-A

Public Domain

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In Brussels Lodewijk de Vadder developed his own style of landscape painting using a technique in oils that is reminiscent of Peter Paul Rubens. De Vadder’s favourite painting subject was the wooded area surrounding Brussels with its luxuriant trees and sunken sandy bridle paths. The remarkably small figures, usually the work of other painters (such as David Teniers the Younger), symbolise the transience of life. In De Vadder’s work, nature’s grandeur is a reflection of God’s glory. Consequently, landscapes like these were very popular with the catholic clergy. They were hung in chapels, refectories and cloisters. De Vadder also painted scenes on cartoons which were then used to make tapestries. Indeed, the decorative nature of his painted landscapes somehow reminds us of such tapestries.


Lodewijk de Vadder RKD Wikidata
Brussels 1605 - Brussels 1655
painters (artists)AAT

Title Sunken Road with Figures in the Sonian Forest
Period 17th century
Collection paintings AAT
Object type oil paintings (visual works) AAT
Inventory number 1938-A
Acquisition credit gift
The Friends of the Museum
Current whereabouts Work on display
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300015636 landscapes AAT
Keywords Iconclass 22 natural phenomena Iconclass
22C light Iconclass
22C1 natural light Iconclass
22C8 shadow Iconclass
25F animals Iconclass
25F2 mammals Iconclass
25G11 groups of trees Iconclass
25G3 trees Iconclass
25G31 shrubs Iconclass
25H1 landscapes in the temperate zone Iconclass
25H12 dale, valley Iconclass
25H15 forest, wood Iconclass
25H153 bush, shrubs ~ forest Iconclass
300015636 landscapes AAT
34B11 dog Iconclass
46B21 merchant, salesman Iconclass
46C11 road, path Iconclass
46C1215 carrying something on the head or on the shoulders Iconclass
46C131 riding a horse, ass, or mule; rider, horseman Iconclass
46C13141 horse Iconclass
46C14 animal traction, animal-drawn vehicle (carriage etc.) Iconclass
48AA9831 foliage, tendrils, branches ~ ornament - AA - stylized Iconclass
61D(SONIAN FOREST) geographical names of countries, regions, mountains, rivers, etc. (names of cities and villages excepted) (SONIAN FOREST) Iconclass
School / Style Baroque AAT
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