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The Coronation of the Virgin, 1400 - 1499

  • alabaster
  • 40 x 28 cm
  • Inv. 1914-DR

Public Domain

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These two reliefs, The Baptism of Christ and The Coronation of the Virgin, originally come from England. Both works used to be part of an alabaster altarpiece. The alabaster quarries in the Midlands were exploited intensively as early as the fourteenth century. Nottingham was the most important centre for the production of statues and altarpieces. From the fifteenth century onwards this precious material was also increasingly used in the rest of Europe. The Holy Trinity – God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – was a favourite theme in English alabaster works as well as in narrative portrayals such as The Baptism of Christ and the Coronation of the Virgin. Father and Son crown the Virgin with a triple crown above which the Holy Ghost descends in the form of a dove. The story of the crowning of Mary came into being in the early centuries of Christianity. No mention is made of it in the original gospels. The portrayal of The Baptism of Christ is based on the gospel of Mark. God the Father in heaven pronounces Christ his dearly beloved Son. Formerly, the Holy Spirit could also be seen next to Him in the form of a dove. The style and way the two reliefs present the subject are reminiscent of Byzantine and Roman art.


Anonymous Master

Title The Coronation of the Virgin
Date 1400 - 1499
Period 15th century
Location United Kingdom TGN
Collection sculpture AAT
Object type alabaster AAT
Inventory number 1914-DR
Acquisition credit bequest
Scribe, Fernand
Current whereabouts Work on display
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300055874 religious symbolism AAT
Keywords Iconclass 11B the Holy Trinity, 'Trinitas coelestis'; Father, Son and Holy Ghost ~ Christian religion Iconclass
11D Christ Iconclass
11E the Holy Ghost Iconclass
11E1 Holy Ghost represented as a dove (in flames) Iconclass
11F the Virgin Mary Iconclass
73E792 coronation of Mary by Christ Iconclass
School / Style Gothic (Medieval) AAT
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