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Plaque Medal Advertising Mariani Wine, ca. 1908

  • bronze
  • Inv. 1911-CV-1

In Copyright

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In Copyright

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This advertising plaque depicts a young man accepting a bottle of wine from an old man on the front. The bottle bears the inscription Vin Mariani. On the back, between an oak and a laurel tree, a bottle is depicted with the inscription Coca Mariani. In fact, the Vin Mariani was a drink consisting of a combination of Bordeaux wine and an infusion of coca leaves. American John Pemberton would make a non-alcoholic version of it in 1886 and call it Coca-Cola. This plaque was exhibited by Louis Patriarche at the Paris Salon in 1908 and at the International Medallic Exhibition in New York in 1910 and also in Brussels at the Medallic Salon held on the occasion of the 1910 World's Fair. Patriarche also made a medal with the image of Mrs Mariani which was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1913. Engraver Roty also designed a plaque for Mariani's wine and exhibited the drawn designs for it. She is depicted by Mark Jones in his "The Art of the Medal" (1979).


Louis Patriarche
Bastia 1878 - Nîmes 1955

Monnaie de Paris
workshop / studio

Title Plaque Medal Advertising Mariani Wine
Date ca. 1908
Period 20th century
Location France TGN
Paris TGN
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings inscription on the front side: <p><span style="font-family:Tahoma;font-size:12.0pt;">Vin Mariani</span></p>
signatures (names) on the front side: <p><span style="font-family:Tahoma;font-size:12.0pt;">L. Patriarche</span></p>
inscription on the reverse: <p><span style="font-family:Tahoma;font-size:12.0pt;">Coca Mariani/ La force/ La santé/ par le vin Mariani</span></p>
seal, stamp at the edge: <p><span style="font-family:Tahoma;font-size:12.0pt;">bronze</span></p>
seal, stamp at the edge
Collection medals AAT
Object type plaques (flat objects) AAT
Inventory number 1911-CV-1
Acquisition credit unknown
Société Gantoise des Amis de la Médaille
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300189808 figures (representations) AAT
Keywords Iconclass 31A71 male sex; man Iconclass
31D11221 boy (child between toddler and youth) Iconclass
31D16 old man Iconclass
41C121 giving drink Iconclass
41C711 wine ~ alcoholic drinks Iconclass
Exposition Internationale de Bruxelles en 1910 : Salon international de la médaille contemporaine... : Groupe II: Beaux-Arts ; Classe 9B: Gravure en médailles (Bruxelles, Palais du Cinquantenaire, 01.05 - 15.11.1910) ; Catalogue / Victor Tourneur. - Bruxelles : Imprimerie A. Lesigne, 1910 (p.108)
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