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Mask of a Satyr, 1909

  • founding (metal or glass working), bronze
  • 42.8 mm
  • Inv. 1911-BO

Public Domain

Friedrich Hörnlein (1873-1945) studied sculpture and painting at the Academy in Dresden. Like Bosselt, he favoured traditional techniques, engraving directly on metal and casting medals. Not only his techniques, but also his subjects followed the tradition of Antiquity and the Renaissance. This one-sided cast medal depicts the mask of a satyr with outstretched tongue and goatee.


Friedrich Wilheim Hörnlein VIAF
Suhl 1873 - Dresden 1945

Title Mask of a Satyr
Date 1909
Period 20th century
Medium and support founding (metal or glass working) AAT
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings inscription and monogram at the front, around the image: F. / 19 ; H. / 09 ; DVLCE EST DE- en rechts, SIPERE IN LOCO
Collection medals AAT
Object type art medal
Inventory number 1911-BO
IIIF Manifest
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300189808 figures (representations) AAT
Keywords Iconclass 31B62323 tongue stuck out Iconclass
41D283 mask Iconclass
92L4 satyrs, fauns, Sileni Iconclass
92L41 satyr(s) (in general) Iconclass
Exposition Internationale de Bruxelles en 1910 : Salon international de la médaille contemporaine... : Groupe II: Beaux-Arts ; Classe 9B: Gravure en médailles (Bruxelles, Palais du Cinquantenaire, 01.05 - 15.11.1910) ; Catalogue / Victor Tourneur. - Brussel : Imprimerie A. Lesigne, 1910 (?)
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