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Dicing, Drabbing and Drinking Bring Man to Destruction, ca. 1640

  • oil paint, panel
  • 48.7 x 36.7 cm
  • Inv. 1907-D

Public Domain

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Adriaen van de Venne specialized in literary subjects. His monochrome paintings were known as grisailles, or ‘grauwtjes’. He clarified the moralistic theme of this painting by inscribing the title in a scroll. ‘Quaet-slagh’ refers to fighting off a robber, or a person of dubious merit. The left-hand side is dominated by the exuberant joy of the dancing duo. To the right, everyone comes to blows. Each one of the sinister, wild characters has a creepy, mask-like countenance. For their contemporary audience, such folk scenes were undoubtedly a reference to human vices.


Adriaen Pietersz. van de Venne RKD
Delft 1589 - The Hague 1662
painters (artists)AAT

Title Dicing, Drabbing and Drinking Bring Man to Destruction
Date ca. 1640
Period 17th century
Signatures, inscriptions, and markings signatures (names) bottom right: AD: v: Venne [“AD” connected]
inscription bottom left on a banderole: Quaet-slagh.
Collection paintings AAT
Object type oil paintings (visual works) AAT
Inventory number 1907-D
Acquisition credit gift
The Friends of the Museum
Current whereabouts Work on display
Permalink https://mskgent.be/collection/work/data/1907-D
IIIF Manifest https://imagehub.mskgent.be/iiif/3/448/manifest.json
Art & Architecture Thesaurus 300139140 genre pictures AAT
Keywords Iconclass 25F3 birds Iconclass
26A clouds Iconclass
31A71 male sex; man Iconclass
31D14 adult man Iconclass
33B9 flight, running away; pursuing Iconclass
41D263 walking-stick, staff, cane Iconclass
44G37 public punishment (death not intended or involved) Iconclass
46A1 social stratification, social groups Iconclass
46A151 beggar Iconclass
59BB(+6) Social Position (opposing concepts) (+ situation or event (especially in genre-painting) with symbolical connotation) Iconclass
86 proverbs, sayings, etc. Iconclass
School / Style Baroque AAT
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