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Pride & Paintings: a night of queer expressions

17:00 – 23:59
event Thursday Late
Pride socials 5

For the May edition of Thursday Late, Ghent drag collective House of Lux takes over the MSK once again for 'Pride & Paintings': a queer night in the museum. An evening for partying, chatting, exploring and questioning the boundaries between fine arts and queerness.

A queer museum night

At the start of Belgian Pride month, we’re handing the keys to the museum over to House of Lux once again. On 2 May, Mauve Lux, Krietjur and Susan from Grindr invite a series of artists who will transform the museum rooms into a place of diverse queer expressions, for the second edition of 'Pride & Paintings'.

Get ready for House of Lux (Krietjur, Mauve Lux en Susan from Grindr), Eve is sick of Adam, Idiot The Clown, Puka Moon, Rose Gigot, Sexi Whispers, SPA for SPIRITS, The Caramelle, Vakah Profana, Vivi Sauterelle, WØRTAAL and Xtra Xceptit! Follow queer performances, come do live drawing or have a drink at the bar. And, of course, (re)discover the museum collection throughout the evening.

LGBTQ+ museum tour

Curious about the LGBTQ+ stories that hang on the walls of the museum, but are barely told? In the LGTBQ+ tour, we take a different look at some of the works of art and reflect on gender and sexuality through the ages. Book it via the website.

You can also ask for a free audio guide at the reception desk: it stops at 7 LGBTQ+ works from the collection. You can find the overview of the artworks here.

Open to all

With this event, we invite everyone to surprising encounters between classic and contemporary (sub)culture. Take your first steps inside the museum or experience the familiar rooms in a completely different way. Everyone is welcome as they are, we’ll make sure that the MSK can be a safe space for all visitors. There is no room for queerphobia, transphobia, racism, discrimination based on gender, physical or mental ability or age.

Practical info

  • The museum has gender-inclusive toilets.
  • Does your make-up need some privacy? Then you'll find a mirror in each cubicle.
  • There's a free cloakroom, mandatory for large items and coats.


17h00 - 19h00Pop-up performancesIdiot the Clown
17h00 - 20h00DrawingLive models
materials and guidance provided
Room 19
17h00 - 20h00Live make up
Performance at 17h15, 18h15 et 19h15
The CaramelleRoom 5
17h30 | 18h30 | 19h30
Vakah Profana
Room 16
17h45 | 18h45 | 19h45
Chain dancing
Puka Moon
Room III
18h00 - 19h00Walk-in tour (Dutch)Discover queer museum stories
Book your ticket
18h00 - 20h00
Artistic wellness centre
Room 14
18h00 | 18h30 | 19h00 | 19h30
15 Minute Rave
Room N
18h30 - 19h30Walk-in tour (Dutch)Discover queer museum stories
Fully booked
20h30 - 21h00
21h30 - 22h00
Grand show

Susan from Grindr, Krietjur, Mauve Lux,
Sexi Whispers, Rose Gigot, Vivi Sauterelle,
Xtra Xceptit, Eve Is Sick Of Adam

Room II
22h30 - 00h00DJ set

Mauve Lux

Room III

Room III