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Museum Takeover

05.25 – 08.31.23
exhibition MSK 225 Collectie naar buiten
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Twenty teenagers embarked on an eight-week journey at the MSK, driven by the question: 'What barriers do young people experience in the museum and how can we lower them?'
They developed four projects from idea to final outcome on the exhibition floor.

For the photo exhibition 'Melancholy,' the students took their own photos, inspired by the MSK collection, under the guidance of photographer Noé Lagaert. Others designed stickers to be spread throughout the city. A Cluedo game was developed throughout the museum halls, and young visitors can 'chill' and contemplate artistic questions in the self-constructed chillbox.

Make sure to invite the young people in your surroundings to discover the museum in a different way!

Special thanks to
Michiel, Meinke, Lucia Nieve, Lou, Erin, Renée, Libelia, Louise, Viktor, Darius, Sam, Odette, Elko, Hawa, Alessandra, Verena, Seppe, Maia, Robin, Luwe, Alexine, Lili (students from the 2nd year 'Freinetpedagogiek').
Thijs Mackelberg (coordinator 'Brede School'),
Inge Serry (teacher Portus),
Noé Lagaert (photography mentor)