Do you want to see your work shine in the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent? On 1 October we’re opening Salon des Jeunes: a room full of work by impressive young makers - because every great master was once very wet behind the ears. The works will be shown in MSK for four months. But first we have to discover all this young talent!

Open call
We’re looking for creative young people aged between 16 and 26 who want to get inspired by top works from the MSK collection, the makers of which were also all at most 26 year old at the time. And you can interpret ‘inspiration’ in broad terms: you don't need to be a painter, an art student or a resident of Sint-Martens-Latem to have a good idea. And that idea can be broad: paint, clay, words, sounds, soup cans, magazines or any other unheard-of medium.

Send in a proposal
It's not necessary that you've already made something, the first selection is made on the basis of your concept proposal.
You can send this in by 20 June at the latest, via this link.

Let yourself be inspired by these top artists, who were themselves still in their youth at the time:

Selection and creation
The Schoonvolk youth crew will select the winning concepts on the basis of motivation, originality, diversity of media and feasibility (not everything is allowed in the museum - think of live animals or sharp objects, and space is limited).

We’ll announce the selection on 27 June, and the participants will then have until 29 August to produce their creations and bring them to the museum. So please note that by submitting a concept you're committing yourself to having it ready in time for the exhibition.

Feeling called upon? Grab your chance, don't hesitate too much and submit that proposal. And who knows, the world might discover you in our salon this autumn!

Published on 20.05.21