bronze: 38,3 cm x 21,9 cm

Auguste Rodin showed his regard for Paul De Vigne by creating a bust of him. He probably modelled the form in Paris around 1880, when he and De Vigne had studios in the same neighbourhood and kept up a very close friendship. One is struck by the acute psychological analysis in this portrait of De Vigne. Rodin attached a great deal of importance to modelling in clay; the sculpture gradually took shape in his hands. This is why his works, even when cast in bronze, remind us of the dynamic process of modelling, where light is used as a formative element. This gives the Portrait of Paul De Vigne an almost palpable presence. This copy of the bust was cast in 1905 for the Monument to Lieven De Winne and Paul De Vigne, which was erected in the vestibule of the new museum in Ghent. This commemorative monument was designed by Xavier Mellery.