The MSK-shop is the perfect place to find a book, a souvenir or an original gift made by local creative talent. The shop’s constantly changing inventory includes books about art, literature and philosophy, a growing selection of books for children, historic museum publications, posters, postcards and gadgets. At different times of the year, the shop has promotions or highlights specific publications.

The shop also sells a selection of items made by local creative talent. These items are hand-made, small, unique and durable. Currently the museum already sells leather book covers and cases, printed with works from the museum collection, brooches inspired by our paintings and wristbands made from old advertising banners.

© Martin Corlazzoli
© Martin Corlazzoli

Unique Van Eyck-merchandise

Especially for the exhibition ‘Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution’ the MSK developed a series of merchandise centered around the art of Jan van Eyck and his contemporaries. Postcards, kaleidoscopes, books, jigsaw puzzles, magnets, brooches, a memory game… there is a unique gift for every budget.

And of course there's the extensive catalogue, available in four languages, and the budget-friendly visitor's guide in three languages. If you buy both the catalogue and visitor’s guide, you receive a 5 euro discount.

Renewal since 2020

The MSK is an open, social place that connects art and people. That is why the shop was completely redesigned: a warmer look with extra seating and reading space, and a strongly modular approach allows us to regularly organise other activities in this space.

Call for creatives

If you would like to develop an original article to offer in the shop, please contact the museum. Jewellery, utensils, gadgets ... everything is possible. Be sure to contact the shop manager if you are interested in selling or developing something tailored to the MSK.