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Ghent makers winter fair

11.26 – 11.27.22
event MSK 225
Bookshop sfeerbeeld 06

The holiday season is creeping ever closer. That means: time to pick out gifts and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Come and get a taste of the festivities already during our winter market with some Ghent makers.

To mark our 225th anniversary, several Ghent-based makers worked on an exclusive MSK collection. The shop's own selection will also be expanded throughout the year with original items as part of the festive year. During the winter market, you will discover the full range and get to know Ghent's makers better.

Can't be there during the winter market? No worries, the museum shop remains open all month long for all your arty Christmas shopping!

The "Warmste Week"

On the first day of the winter market, we also kick off our fundraiser for the "Warmste Week". The campaign ends on 18/12. For €5 you can buy an envelope with cards of works from the collection. This also includes a lottery ticket. The Ghent makers donated an original item to the museum, which is not for sale in the shop. Who knows, maybe you will win this unique item?