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Once upon a time, artificial intelligence was something we read about in science fiction novels and algebra class. Today it’s part of everyday life. Even museums have found uses for AI. Working with Lean Mean Learning Machine, the MSK developed a unique pilot project that enables museum you to converse with paintings.

Who are you? How do you feel? What is your favourite food? Or what would you do if you were stolen? By holding down a button and speaking into a microphone, you can engage in a conversation with figures depicted in a painting from the MSK's collection.

This way, you not only get deeper insights into the artworks themselves but also their zeitgeist. For instance, you can talk to a Flemish peasant family from the 19th century in Jenny Montigny's The Cattle Stable (1907), or even to Nell Duerinckx who was depicted by her husband Rik Wouters in Seated Woman at the Window (1915).